Pergao quartz surfaces are durable and work well in any hospitality setting. Its range of colours can be used to match any colour scheme and its easy-to-clean convenience makes it a delight to look after. Our range of colours also allows you to create spaces within you’re your hotel or resort that creates serenity and peace – just what guests need.


Quartz engineered stone is hygienic and impervious to bacteria. This hygienic element means it can be utelised in a wide variety of spaces within your hotel or resort, including bathrooms, receptions, kitchens and guest rooms. It is non-porous and is easily cleaned with warm water, soap and a cloth, making it less of a hassle than you expected.


Perago quartz engineered stone is one of the hardest minerals on earth making it also scratch and stain resistant due to its design. This means you never have to worry about guests or staff damaging it. It also does not need to be resealed allowing you to enjoy your product in your hotel or resort for many years.

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